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<b>name.</b> Mariliis
<b>age.</b> sweet 16
<b>location.</b> Estonia

<b><i>list ONE per each.</i></b>
<b>hobby.</b> Modeling
<b>band.</b> Black Eyed Peas
<b>movie.</b> War Of The Worlds
<b>tvshow.</b> Big Brother
<b>book.</b> LOTR

post a bad picture of yourself.

Im on the left.

<b>describe yourself in one word.</b> Outgoing
<b>one thing you cant live without.</b> My Phone
<b>an interesting fact about yourself.</b>

who did you promote us to? (this is not mandatory; however, it will probably help earn you more yes votes)
promotional banners --> found in userinfo.
how did you find out about this community?anyang
are you a member in any communities that are sisters to us? nope
(if you are, you get three automatic yes votes. if youre not sure, check our userinfo.)
post 3+ pictures, & point out which one you want for the members page.


I luv my new sunglasses!

I would like 2 see the 3 pic.if i get accepted.

thank u

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you're pretty, but there was nothing special in your application.
and i can't stand it when people put "my phone" for something they can't live without.
you seem kinda... bleh.
you didn't put an interesting fact.
you used rich text.

but you're not hideous.
I hate these:

"movie. War Of The Worlds
tvshow. Big Brother
book. LOTR
one thing you cant live without. My Phone"

And you're only pretty in the ones where your face are covered. Whether by your arm, or by your sunglasses.

Good luck though.
your really pretty and estonia russian, but u messed up the app, and ur faves sucked.
your "modeling" picture made me want to say no.
But I really like the 4th picture on your picture banner type thing.
I like your sunglasses a lot.
And your name is pretty cool.
even though you fucked up your application, it wasn't that hard to read through it & i think you're cute.
i can split my 3 MOM votes right???

++ you're way pretty
- rich text
Thank u :)
youre pretty
Ty :)

i hate it when you can see people's thongs.
I don't think you should be in a comm. if you can't even get the coding to blend.. gosh..


August 19 2005, 19:23:59 UTC 12 years ago

you're too skinny, eat a friggin' cheeseburger, lady.

oops i forgot to log in!
sure. you're so pretty.
Thanks :)
i hate your new sunglasses.