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name. Caitlyn Marie
age. 15
location. North Andover, MA

list ONE per each.
hobby. Ultimate frisbee
band. The Dresden Dolls
movie. Bright Eyes
tvshow. Degrassi
book. Trial By Journal by Kate Klise

post a bad picture of yourself.
[I'm on the right.]

describe yourself in one word. Outrageous
one thing you cant live without. Animal Crackers
an interesting fact about yourself. I can make my tongue appear an inch and a half thick.

who did you promote us to?
Mary. http://www.livejournal.com/users/readme_x/31814.html?view=138054#t138054
Also, a banner's in my info now.
how did you find out about this community?
You're a sister to a sister of a community I'm in.
are you a member in any communities that are sisters to us? Nope. I'm applying to them next.

post 3+ pictures, & point out which one you want for the members page.

[I'd like the last one for the members page if I get accepted, plase.]

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youre cute.
I like you A LOT. I dunno what it is exactly. You seem different. You remind me of some sort of female 80's Willy Wonka. If that makes sense. And it's not a bad thing, but a terribly good one. That wallpaper is pretty cool, too.
you're bangs are wack
and you just didn't really seem to stand out

props on ultimate frisbee though.
wtf? your bangs.... sorry that's NOT hot..... wow now i feel bitchy and mean! sorry
i like your bangs, theyre something different.
i looooove degrassi and bright eyes.
we played ultimate frisbee in gym for a few weeks last year, and i think it was the best activity ive ever done in that class.
I hate my bangs. My stepbrother is my hairdresser and he usually knows what he's doing and does it well...but I hate them. And I'm waiting for them to grow out. So I don't care if you don't like them. If you do, thank you. =) I guess I've got the 80's female signature Willy Wonka bad hair cut too?
why not?
i like your personality but not your style. sorry.


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