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Meet Ginger Brandy, named for my stepdad's favorite drink. She's a cutie and yes, she loves attention just as much as this may lead you to believe.


Next up, mett Casey Elizabeth, named by my brother whom has raised her from a tiny puppy. She is NOT tiny anymore. She moved the couch cushion and gathered my mom's bathrobe off of her bed to make a comfortable bed for herself.

When I had mono, they slept with me on the couch. <3


This is Cinderella, aka Cindy-Brella. She's the devil cat. I'm still convinced that she's plotting all of our doom. Don't even stop to think "Aw, poor cat. Look how ragged she looks..." Last time we brought her to get groomed, she broke skin of three different people.

Oh, and here's Moe. My brother's, of course.

There were more pets but...well, we just had a few losses at once in my house. We lost my hamster, Death and all three of my brother's mice and his lizard as well as the crawfish and the beta. Don't worry, this isn't all in the same day. it's over a 3 week span but still...Right now, our rabbit is on vacation at my brother's girlfriend's house but he'll be back soon. That's all.

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I just may be in love with your pets.

That cat has my heart. haha.
That cat is older than I am and from the time I was 2 and could walk until I turned 8 (THAT'S SIX YEARS) she used to hide behind my living room chairs and when I would walk by she'd leap out at me and paw at my feet. For six years I had to find alternate routes around my house daily so as not to scream at the top of my lungs all day. She did it so many times one day that I lost my voice. I'm not even joking. She only stopped when I was 8 because I threw a shoe in her general direction. She'll climb on your lap and read the newspaper with you. I swear it, you can watch her eyes scanning the page. She'll let you pet her but once she gets tired of it, she'll bite your hand. The funniest part is after she bites you, she won't get off of your lap. She is insane.
omg Ginger Brandy is the cutest ever.
I'll tell her you said so.

Ps she's a serious brat times twelve and she likes to sit on my Mom's shoulders when my mom's watching tv on the couch.
♥ precious.
Oh my gosh.
Sweet bundles of love.
They are so adorable.
Thanks. =)