Raechel (badlydrawngrlx3) wrote in itsbarbie,


Giving away PAID LIVE JOURNAL ACCOUNTS as prizes.
Needs co-mods and sister communities.
Daily discussions, themes, and contests.
Bi-weekly Contests
Treasure Hunts
Member of the Month
Currently 50 members in one week!

It's a community that rates on personality, looks, and it doesn't have a theme.
Here you can talk about everything and anything. Fashion, movies, music, life.
Every topic is covered here at dangerouslyhot. And we want you to join!

Twenty Members in ONE day! Now that says something! This community rocks!</font>

if I get into this community, I will of course promote there(and if i'm rejected, I'll spam the CRAP out of this community to them. haha) and ask them to be sisters, if wanted.
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